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CHRISTMAS  2021         

FOSMO Xmas 3
FOSMO Xmas 3

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FOSMO Xmas 3
FOSMO Xmas 3

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Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who participated or donated to make Christmas special for  all the kids living at the children's home.  

FOSMO Picture2.png

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Christmas card.  This fund raiser exceeded our expectations. 

Our 1st ever cookie exchange was a lot of fun!  Everyone brought cookies to exchange as well as cookies for the children's home. 

FOSMO cookie exchange.jpg
FOSMO cookie exchange 2.png

The Christmas Pageant and dinner for the kids was an enormous success!  Thank you to all who participated.  The children worked for hours practicing their show. 

FOSMO Xmas 2.jpg
FOSMO Xmas1.jpg
FOSMO Christmas 2019 7.jpg
FOSMO Xmas 3.jpg

Thanks to a generous donation from the estate of Martha Mayes, we were able to surprise the mamitas with THREE new washers on Christmas Eve!  The entire campus was down to one functioning washer.  

FOSMO washers.jpg

What's New

FOSMO Art 3.png
FOSMO Art.jpg
FOSMO Art 2.jpg

Thanks to two local artists, Paz Galdames and Cat Ferraz, FOSMO was able to sponsor an art/mosaic class for the teen girls.  The girls used what they learned in class to brighten up their campus. 

FOSMO  2021 In Review

FOSMO had a wonderful 2021!  Thanks to our generous donors, we have been able to meet our goals.  We continue to purchase formula for the babies each month.  We sponsored a successful painting and mosaic class for the teen girls.

First and foremost, the board wishes to thank our monthly donors. If you are interested in becoming a donor, please click the DONATE button. Monthly donations allow us to plan more effectively and we appreciate the support. If you are local you can also make arrangements with any board member for cash donations.







FOSMO 2021 Financials.jpg
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What's the Buzz?

FOSMO bee.jpg
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FOSMO is proud to share that we earned Goldstar's 2021 Platinum Seal of Transparency!

All photos generously provided by FOSMO friend and supporter, Erwin Musper, as well as FOSMO board members. 

It's all about  the kids!

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