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Christmas 2022

The pageant was extra special this year with new dance numbers, a musical trio and the touching story of the birth of Jesus enacting by the kids. The kids work hard to practice their parts, working with Erwin Musper on music, a professional acting coach partially supported by FOSMO and a volunteer dance instructor. The highlight was Papa Noel giving each child a backpack loaded with shoes, clothes, watches and more!  Volunteers in the area provided a pot luck dinner for the kids and staff including 5 turkeys donated by long time supporter and then baked by some talented cooks.

Infant Care

Right now there are 8 babies under the age of 2 in care.  FOSMO spent $1700 this year on formula and baby supplies. There were two babies this year brought to the home when they were less than a month old! Babies arrive abandoned and abused, but the caregivers nurse them to health and give them the unconditional love every child deserves. Our thanks to Danielle Musper for working with us to stretch our budget by shopping for deals and managing the inventory of various types of formula.

New Laundry for the Babies

The new nursery needed a more convenient laundry area so the patio in back of the girls' dorm next door got a major make over.  Now the care givers can stay close to the babies!

It's all about  the kids!

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