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Mission and Strategy

Christmas Decorations

It's all about  the kids!

  • Make Christmas merry by providing gifts of clothes, shoes, backpacks, school supplies and treats.

  • Host the pageant on Christmas Eve with the community invited to come see the kids perform holiday songs and dance routines that would melt the heart of any Grinch.  Papa Noel, of course, is the finale!

  • FOSMO also coordinates donations of food for the kids and caregivers to have a festive evening meal Christmas Eve. 

  • Another focus is to provide formula and related infant care. Baby food is expensive and over the years, the number of abandoned infants has soared.

  • And finally, FOSMO is dedicated to any project which improved the health and safety of the children or promotes education and creativity.

  • The board of FOSMO is pleased to partner with two other foundations who also support the home.  We fundamentally believe it’s the best way to maximize the impact of our donors’ money and to ensure that we don’t duplicate efforts. For more information see: and

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