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It's About the Kids

On behalf of the board, I want to thank you all for your support for FOSMO and the kids especially over the last couple of years.  The effects COVID, lockdowns and the recent strike continue to echo here on the Coast. Fortunately, the good news is the home and school are safe and in some ways doing better than their neighbors who are struggling with lack of tourism, off season slow down and inflation.

FOSMO is just one of the foundations that support the home which we sometimes refer to as an orphanage although many of the children are not orphans but rather victims of abuse or neglect. The number of babies to teenagers varies but around 75 kids share the main campus and the farm for older boys. FOSMO does not manage volunteers or any of the home operations.  Santa Maria gets some government assistance but must raise funds privately to maintain the home. 

FOSMO’s role is to make the holidays a joyous event for the kids with Papa Noel delivering presents at a pageant on Christmas Eve and a turkey dinner that evening. Your contributions also fund formula for infants and educational needs.

Holiday plans

This year we want to make the celebration extra special.  The board is working with the home to identify the educational and recreational needs.  We will make sure there are going to be happy children when Papa Noel makes his entrance. The pageant is always a highlight of the day.  If you are new to the area or have never attended, mark your calendar for Christmas Eve.  We will have more details and you will have an opportunity to help by bringing a food for the kids’ dinner later that day. Typically, we ask people to make a dish for 12-15 kids based on the first letter of your last name.  Don’t worry, if you don’t cook, we always need breads and fresh fruit. But if you do love to cook, I will be asking later for 5 volunteers to bake turkeys.

Before the big event at the home, we are planning to bring back the gathering to decorate cookies for the kids to enjoy. We will invite anyone who loves to bake, be creative or just enjoy some Christmas cheer to bring a couple of dozen plain sugar cookies which we will decorate and a snack to share. Add wine and music and it will be be a fabulous chance to bolster holiday cheer, make new friends and laugh!


Financial Update

Monthly donors continue to be the lifeblood of FOSMO contributing about $5,000 per year. If you would like to become a donor, please use PayPal button on this page or cash is always good.

We want to recognize the family and friends of Scott Bloomquist for their generous contributions in his memory. Emily was a faithful board member when they lived in Puerto Lopez.  Scott passed suddenly in May and he leaves a hole in our hearts.  Emily and her family have our deepest sympathy.

Year to date we have $14,080 in the treasury.  FOSMO has spent about $2,000 for a heavy duty printer for the home and $400 for formula. The board has pledged to support the new dormitory that MJM (Erwin and Daniella Musper) are building.  Our commitment continues to be Christmas, infant care and education.


We Need YOU!

First of all, we thank all of those who have served on the board in the past.  FOSMO owes its existence to those volunteers who years ago saw the need to help the children at Santa Maria.  From its inception as a 501 (C)3 to today, past board members have worked to make it the financially strong foundation that it is today.  Other volunteers helped make the past dinner events successful but in today’s world, there are  many worthy causes competing for donors. This board feels that as long as we can fulfill our mission of providing Christmas, infant care and some educations support that we will rely mostly on donations. 

Even so, we still need new board members, especially to replace Shawn Turner who served faithfully as Secretary.  FOSMO needs someone with experience managing social media and the webpage. The board meets for about an hour monthly and our big push is obviously around the holidays.  Our charter requires that you be a full time resident.  Darlene Howell, Ann Luther and I would love to talk with anyone interested in joining us. You can reach me at the number below:

Kaye Gosline. WhatsApp +1 706-957-1766


It's all about  the kids!

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