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It's all about  the kids!

Thank You!

"Many thanks to all the folks who came to the Dessert Social at the Sea Garden House on January 14.  It was a great time to thank all the people who have been instrumental in helping the kids over the years.  The event was highlighted by the presentation of grants to the other two foundations who support the cause.  FOSMO is very pleased to have an alliance with MJM Ecuador and granted them $5000 toward the construction of a new dorm! In addition, Mission Santa Maria was presented a grant of $4000 to hire an additional tutor for the kids who are waiting for more help.  Please click the links below to see what each foundation does.   And many thanks to all of you for your continued support.  It is your generosity that makes happy smiling children!"

-Kaye Gosline, FOSMO President

FOSMO President, Kaye Gosline with Erwin Musper, President of MJM Ecuador Foundation.


Guests enjoying desserts and listening to presentations from    each of the three foundations.  

FOSMO President , Kaye Gosline with Jim Campbell, President of Mission Santa Maria Foundation. 


Guests reading  some of the many "Success Stories" about the children at Santa Maria   de la Esperanza. 

What's New

Here are two of the "Success Stories" which were on display    at the Dessert Social. 

Meet Evelyn

Evelyn came to live at the orphanage with a very troubling injury.  Her leg had been broken and she had not received adequate medical care, so the bones healed incorrectly.  After several surgeries, Evelyn’s leg is much improved, but she still has another surgery to go.  Last year she had pins and rods screwed into her lower leg and had to walk with crutches for months.  Even through the pain and discomfort, Evelyn excelled at everything she did.  She was in the top of her class at the high school and learned to play the guitar and sing in the YOKO band.  Evelyn was also a top English student. Now she is living with a family in Guayaquil to finish out high school.  Before she left the orphanage Evelyn took the time to write every teacher, mamita, dorm mate, and friend a touching goodbye card, thanking them for their friendship and love.

Meet Bryan


Bryan is 25 years old and lived at the orphanage as a child.  He trained as a chef and he is also a licensed truck driver.  Bryan currently works full time at the Gandhi campus as an assistant caregiver. This story is often repeated as many of the children who grow up at the orphanage hope to return and help if they can.

What's the Buzz?

Click here to read our   complete year in review from our new President, Kaye Gosline!

All photos generously provided by FOSMO friend and supporter, Erwin Musper, as well as FOSMO board members. 

It's all about  the kids!

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