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It's all about  the kids!

Urgent Help Needed!


THANK YOU to those who have donated so far! As of 11am on Wednesday, March 19th, the three foundations have raised a little over $6,000.00!

But we have a long way to go! Remember, a month's worth of groceries for the 100 mouths to feed is more than $10,000. The government has told the administrators of the children's home that they will not be receiving government funds for least SIX WEEKS!

CROCS on the Ground
Food on the TABLE


The impact of the COVID-19 is being felt globally and certainly here on the Coast of Ecuador there are many people being impacted. There is one urgent need that you can help do something about!  The Ecuadorian government has suspended their legally obligated funds to the Children’s Home. The staff is down to their last few hundred dollars to buy food. So, MJM ECUADOR, FOSMO and MISSIONSANTAMARIA, three of our lifelines, are collaborating together to organize a campaign to feed our kids and staff. Right now there are about 80 kids and 20 staff (including the unpaid caregivers) and no government funding for at least 6 weeks.

The staff at the home has done a great job buying nonperishables in bulk and having them delivered every other week.  They fill in with some local produce.  On average, $4 feeds a child for a day so $120 feeds a child for a month. That leaves a total shortfall of almost $15,000.  Our foundations are working diligently to meet this urgent need, but we need your help now!

Normally, we would ask our coastal friends to buy some extra food when you do your shopping, but the situation here is tough because of the travel restrictions.  If you do want to buy nonperishables, we have a list of 4 pages of items they usually purchase, but frankly at this moment what is needed is CASH. The orphanage is on a strict lock-down for now. Only essential staff is allowed on their campus grounds. We need to get a food supply going for, at least, the next six to eight weeks.

How can you help? Every dollar in cash donations is thankfully accepted by members of any of these foundations. Erwin has permission to drive even during the ban. The simplest way to give is to donate through any of our websites listed at the bottom. No matter where you send the money just mention our motto for this fundraiser:

Crocs on the Ground / Food on the Table

We will keep you posted on all 3 websites to let you know how the campaign is working.  Can we count on you to sponsor a child for a week, a month or the whole 6 weeks?  Whatever you give will be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully, we will learn from this corona virus that caring for each other is more important than being the last man standing. In Ecuador, people live a simpler life and seem to adjust with a calm and accepting demeanor. Almost everybody is dealing graciously with the current situation and abides by the government’s decrees. Even the people whose businesses are temporarily shut down stay focused on the health part of all this instead of their own personal setbacks. Through an earthquake and a pandemic, our beloved Children’s Home has remained a safe haven for kids in need.  Please help us keep them feed during this crisis. Your contribution will show that we are all in this together.

You can contact anyone of us for more information.


Erwin Musper   Kaye Gosline    Jim Campbell

https://missionsantamaria.com (only outside Ecuador)

What's New

Summer Learning

FOSMO is supporting summer learning fun with sewing, painting, mosaic, and English classes during summer break.  

Thanks to our volunteer teachers for their time and efforts.  Deb Davies Griffith, Pat Shepherd, Teresa Munoz, and Panayota Keramidis are teaching the sewing class.  Cat Ferraz and Paz Galdames are teaching the art and mosaic classes. 

What's the Buzz?

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All photos generously provided by FOSMO friend and supporter, Erwin Musper, as well as FOSMO board members. 

It's all about  the kids!

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