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It's all about  the kids!

Christmas Update

Dear Friends of Santa Maria Orphanage,


First the bad news that there will not be a fall fundraiser this year. I know that many of you look forward to this festive occasion.  It’s wonderful to see the children perform music and dance, bid on an amazing array of goodies at the silent auction and enjoy food and friendship with so many supporters of this good cause. It’s a tradition that we look forward to resuming next year.


The good news is that thanks to the generosity and kindness of many of you, FOSMO is able to support not only the monthly infant care (now 6 babies/toddlers) as well as to provide our annual Christmas for the 79 children currently in care.  Monthly donors through PayPal or PayPal Giving have given the foundation solid cash flow.  We’ve also had some significant donations from friends in the US and UK which helped us provide much needed computer equipment for the kids.  Early this year, FOSMO was also able help provide food assistance and work with other foundations on long term housing and education needs.


We are so fortunate that the children are all safe and doing well although still in lock-down mode.  We hope that the Christmas Eve pageant will continue with appropriate safeguards but time will tell.  FOSMO is planning to provide school supplies, clothes, shoes and surprises but the board is mindful that this year many others are going to ask for help from you, the expat community. We’ve had several of you reach out to offer help in lieu of the fundraiser and if you would like to contribute please see any board member or click on the "Donate Now" button. 


Kaye Gosline



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Baby Formula

As of the first week of July, the children's home is caring for seven babies.  Recently, they received a six month old boy, who was very malnourished.  A newborn girl was also added to the nursery.  

FOSMO is committed to supplying formula for the six babies.  

Won't you please consider helping our efforts?  Just click on any "Donate Now" button. 

What's New

Online Learning

Ecuador's  school year began in April, totally online.  Imagine trying to assist 50-60 school-aged children with online learning!

FOSMO received a request from the children's home for additional technology so that  the mamitas could assist with instruction.  

Thank to some very generous donors, FOSMO was able to deliver several new laptops, tablets, and printers.  

FOSMO continues its     dedication to supporting the baby formula, education, and emergency needs of the children.

Thank you to EVERYONE who helps!

What's the Buzz?

All photos generously provided by FOSMO friend and supporter, Erwin Musper, as well as FOSMO board members. 

Click here to read our   complete year in review from our new President, Kaye Gosline!

It's all about  the kids!

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