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Since January 1, 2018,  FOSMO has spent more than $22,000 on projects and items for the Sana Maria de la Esperanza Orphanage!


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FOSMO Timeline

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Friends of Santa Maria Orphanage (FOSMO) began 

FOSMO purchased      materials to make 4 soccer goals and we taught    the Gandhi boys how to construct the goals.  We also purchased a refrigerator for their kitchen. 

Our first official FOSMO fundraiser!  

We hosted a concert and auction  at the Sea Garden House in Olon. 

FOSMO replaced one of the worn out washers on campus.  As you can imagine,  the children produce lots of dirty laundry. 

FOSMO conducted   our first campus capital building project.  We funded the construction of  a shelter in the courtyard to provide shade and protection. 

Our articles of incorporation were    filed in the state of Delaware to begin our journey to becoming a nonprofit organization, recognized in the US.

Our website went    live!

Rotting and  termite infested  ceiling beams were    replaced in the little  boys' dormitory. 

Our Annual Dinner and Silent Auction netted    over $10,000!  A record! It's    going to be a great Christmas for the kids and  some big projects will be funded for the campus. 

FOSMO learned    of several new babies who are living at the orphanage and began    a campaign to purchase a year's worth of formula. 

The 2018 Christmas pageant with dancing, singing, gifts, a Christmas dinner, and a visit from Papa Noel was a great success. 

A sunset concert benefiting FOSMO was held in the sanctuary of the Santa Maria church. 

FOSMO helped  to renovate the offices used as a welcoming and evaluation center for the  children.

Two new pianos were    purchased for the piano classes and FOSMO hosted    its 1st Back to School 50/50 Raffle to purchase school materials. 

All new office equipment was purchased and delivered to help the  counselors and also to help the kids complete their homework    assignments. 

FOSMO delivered 58 new blankets to the orphanage  to help keep the kids cozy during the cool winter nights. 

The offices now have a new roof!  This one should last more than 25 years. 

Our annual dinner and silent auction was a great success!  Over $9000 raised to support FOSMO's educational mission. 

The children performed the nativity, songs, dances, and rock and roll  to put everyone in the Christmas spirit!   They received their backpacks after the program. 

FOSMO invited all our coastal friends to learn about our plans for 2020.  We also announced our partnerships with two other foundations.  All three of us will work together to help the kids of Santa Maria de la Esperanza. 

January  2018

February  2018

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January 2020

All photos generously provided by FOSMO friend and supporter, Erwin Musper, as well as FOSMO board members. 

March 2020

Ecuador, and much of the world, closed its doors due to Covid.  FOSMO, MJMEcuador, and Mission Santa Maria   ensured that the orphanage had the    food resources they needed. 


April 2020-January 2021


Throughout the pandemic FOSMO honored its commitment and provided baby formula for each infant.  The orphanage continues to receive new children each month. 

March 2021

Online school resumes.  Thanks to our generous donors, the children at the orphanage are able to have computer access to  receive online classes. 

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